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‘Morning Joe': Americans ‘Must Vote Democratic’ Because Trump is ‘Greatest Threat to Our Democracy’

New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman warns the country is in danger

The set of “Morning Joe” warned viewers Tuesday that they should to vote Democrat in the 2018 midterms or else it could be the end of American democracy.

“These midterms are soon to be upon us and I only have one piece of advice for people. You have to vote for a Democrat,” said New York Times opinion writer Thomas Friedman on Tuesday.

The moment elicited an instant “yeah” from co-host Mika Brzezinski.

Friedman said that he has a lot of “very conservative leanings” on a number of issues and that his warnings were only motivated with the country’s best interests in mind.

“The man sitting in the Oval Office today is the greatest threat to our democracy,” Friedman continued. “If you see the norms that he is violating, the way that he is trashing our most cherished institutions.”

“We have not had a crisis yet. We have not had a real crisis,” he said in a final warning. “Wait till we have a real crisis and you have a president who cannot be believed sitting in the Oval Office.”

Brzezinski agreed with Friedman but offered a parting chide to Democrats, warning them that they also had to reckon with the role they played in enabling the rise of Trump.

Despite being chummy with Trump at one time, the set of “Morning Joe” has now become a regular stop for critics of the president. Trump has returned the favor with several pointed barbs at “Morning Joe” hosts over the last year, which has only enhanced the panel’s credibility with Trump’s critics.