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‘Morning Joe’ Calls Trump ‘a Weak Dumpy Stooge’ After Helsinki Summit With Putin

”What he showed was fecklessness towards Russia,“ says Joe Scarborough in a lengthy monologue

The set of “Morning Joe” was outraged Tuesday over President Trump’s joint press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki yesterday, with co-host Joe Scarborough ripping Trump in sharply personal terms.

“He has an opportunity to show fealty to our republic, instead what he showed was fecklessness towards Russia,” said Scarborough.

“He had a chance to show courage in the face of a tyrant, instead he showed cowardice on that world stage where the president looked like a weak dumpy stooge to a KGB spy.”

The line came during a fiery opening monologue where he lambasted Trump’s performance in Finland.

“There is no parallel,” said Scarborough of President Trump’s continued skepticism of the Russian meddling campaign. “FDR after Pearl Harbor didn’t deny that there was an attack. George W. Bush didn’t deny Al-Qaeda’s attack on September 11th.”

The Scarborough analysis broadly echoed remarks Monday and early Tuesday that the joint presser was a disaster. On “Fox & Friends,” the criticism was a bit more gentle but still evident.

“Thanks to Robert Mueller’s probe we know the names of the 12 people at least on the Russian side, who were part of the hacking into the election,” said co-host Brian Kilmeade on set Tuesday. “When President Trump was asked about that, he fell short.”

At one point, Kilmeade offered his criticism directly to Trump on the assumption that he was watching.

During his remarks with Putin, Trump stunned onlookers by publicly questioning U.S. intelligence agencies’ assessment of Russian meddling in 2016 and at various points appeared to side with Putin at critical moments under tough questioning by the U.S. media.

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