‘Morning Joe’ Chides ‘Rambling’ Trump CPAC Speech: ‘There Was No Vision of America’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough called President Trump’s decision to revisit his inauguration crowd size “cute”

The set of “Morning Joe” had a muted reaction to President Trump’s two hour address to the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend. On Monday, co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski dismissed the speech as “rambling” and without “vision.”

“He’s firing up his base with that highly partisan appeal,” Brzezinski said in near monotone. “Donald Trump gave the longest speech of his presidency at CPAC on Saturday. There was no vision for America. He just ran through a list of grievances.”

“He was rambling a lot,” she added, while also noting that he used “profane language.”

Scarborough called Trump’s continuing obsession with his inauguration crowd size “cute.”

“It was kind of cute. He was going back to his crowd size at the inauguration, gosh for like 15 minutes maybe,” said the former GOP Congressman.

In his speech, which spanned more than two hours, Trump went through all the classics from his campaign and highlights of his ups and down as president.

He called accusations of Russian collusion “bulls—,” he mocked Democrats and his own former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He blasted the media for what he said was their deliberate attempt to take his words out of context and also announced a new executive order protecting free speech on college campuses that he intended to sign.

The president was frequently interrupted by standing ovations from CPAC rally-goers, which included familiar chants like “lock her up” and “build the wall.”