‘Morning Joe’: Chris Christie Shares His ‘Biggest Disappointment’ in Trump White House (Video)

“We haven’t gotten things done,” New Jersey governor says on MSNBC

Chris Christie still believes that President Trump is “fit for the office,” but the New Jersey governor does have some stern criticism for man who beat him in the 2016 GOP primary.

On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked Christie for his “biggest disappointment” in the current White House.

“We haven’t gotten things done, Joe,” Christie replied. “I mean, we’re sitting here seven months in and we haven’t put touchdowns in the end zone. The only real touchdown we put in the end zone is Justice Gorsuch.”

“Besides that, the big things we’ve been talking about as Republicans for eight years: Obamacare, things like tax reform, you know, things that should be done with the Republican congress and Republican president — and we’ve been distracted by other things,” he continued. “We need to get focused on getting that done.”

Watch the lengthy segment via the video above. Christie’s remarks on Trump come just before the 14-minute mark.