‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump Is Why GOP ‘Keeps Losing Elections’: ‘How Many Times Do You Have to Put Your Hand on the Stove?’ (Video)

“It’s great for headlines but, Republicans, this is why you lose elections,” Scarborough said

The hosts of “Morning Joe” torched Donald Trump on Monday, after the twice impeached former president attempted to defend his meal with a known White Nationalist at Mar-a-Lago by saying he didn’t actually know who the man was. And with that, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski called out the Republican party at large, saying this is exactly why “you keep losing elections.”

Last week, Trump had dinner with both Ye (formerly known as Kanye West), who himself is facing backlash for a string of antisemitic posts to his social media, and Nick Fuentes, a known Holocaust denier, at his resort in Florida. Following the backlash, the twice-impeached former president has placed the blame on Ye, saying he brought Fuentes as his own guest and that Trump himself didn’t know who he was.

The “Morning Joe” hosts couldn’t help but scoff at that, considering that access to a former president is still pretty hard to get.

“Do people just wander in to Mar-a-Lago… with Secret Service there?” Scarborough questioned. “This isn’t like they walked into an Arby’s. It’s not like Kanye walked into an Arby’s, sat down, there’s Donald Trump. Say ‘Hey Donald, I brought a friend along.’ No. It’s not an Arby’s, it’s a place where it’s very secure, it’s all planned out.”

Scarborough and Brzezinski then honed in on reports that, during that meal, Ye asked Trump to be his own presidential running mate, which led to Trump yelling angrily and insulting Ye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

“It’s great for headlines but, Republicans, this is why you lose elections,” Scarborough said. He added, “This is your Republican party, guys, gals. This is why you keep losing elections. I’m trying to help! I’m trying to help. You haven’t listened for six years. I’m trying to help you.”

The hosts then compared Republicans still voting for and supporting Trump to children who keep hurting themselves over and over, despite warnings from parents.

“How many times do you have to put your hand on the stove before you realize Donald Trump burns you?” he said incredulously.

You can watch the full segment from “Morning Joe” in the video above.