‘Morning Joe’ Tells Giuliani, McConnell to Stop Undermining Democracy With ‘Sick’ Voter Fraud Conspiracies (Video)

“It’s time to tell the president that he and Rudy and their confederacy of dunces need to stop making fools of themselves,” host Joe Scarborough says

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough lambasted Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mitch McConnell and their “confederacy of dunces” on Friday for continuing to push forward “sick” voter fraud conspiracies to undermine American democracy.

“The gig is up,” Scarborough said. “It’s time to tell the president that he and Rudy and their confederacy of dunces need to stop making fools of themselves and let the next commander in chief get ready to protect and defend this country.”

“This isn’t about American’s faith in Joe Biden. You know this. That’s what makes this so sick, Mitch,” he said.

“I know who’s going to be president of the United States on Jan. 20, 2021, and so do you,” Scarborough also said. “But the question is, will you continue to be part of a conspiracy that while not changing the outcome of this election, will undermine tens of millions of Americans’ confidence in American democracy?”

Earlier, Scarborough said the main “tell” that Giuliani and Trump’s team were “all liars” and “lying through their teeth” about voter fraud allegations was because they do not make the same accusations outside of court as they do inside — and that’s because the attorneys could get sanctioned or someone could “get arrested for committing perjury” if they testified and lied about it, according to Scarborough.

“There’s another tell, though, and it has to do with Mitch McConnell and it has to do with the Republicans, who we gave the benefit of the doubt to at the beginning of this process, even though none of them deserve the benefit of the doubt,” Scarborough said. “We said this to Mitch McConnell, and it was, ‘Ok? We’ll go along with you. Count all the votes. You’re right, all the votes need to be counted. And yes, and then, if you still, despite the fact that you know, Mitch McConnell, that Joe Biden is going to be president of the United States because these numbers, this advantage is so big, that Trump can never catch up, then go ahead. Go through the legal process if that makes you feel better, if that makes your base feel better.’”

“We’ve done that. If they had any credible allegations of widespread fraud and abuse, it would have come forward, but they don’t. They keep losing in court. They keep saying things outside of court that they refuse to say inside of court,” he continued. “So the question, Mitch, is, how much longer are you going to hold American democracy in suspended animation? How much longer are you going to undermine what really does lie at the heart of American democracy? And that is the peaceful transition of power.”

As of Friday, Trump lawyers have lost roughly 30 election cases in court.

Watch the clip above or here.


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