‘Morning Joe’: GOP Efforts to Discredit Mueller ‘Like Monkeys Throwing Poo Against the Wall’

“What exactly is the scandal? They’re just making things up every week,” says Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough unloaded on his former Republican colleagues in Congress Thursday, warning them that their efforts to discredit special counsel Robert Mueller would fail in a very messy way.

“It seems to me that they’re just throwing whatever they can, like monkeys throwing poo against the wall,” said Scarborough on the set of “Morning Joe.” “What exactly is the scandal? They’re just making things up every week.”

Scarborough alluded to a recent reports of anti-Trump text messages sent by former Mueller investigator Peter Strzok, for which he was quickly disciplined. The MSNBC host called the issue a non-story because Strzok also disparaged Sen. Bernie Sanders, suggesting bipartisan indignation.

Earlier in the segment, Scarborough treated viewers to a trademark monologue — complete with a dramatic camera zoom — in which he characterized GOP congressmen as “children” for their attacks on Mueller as he leads the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the election and possible links to the Trump campaign and administration.

“Let me just tell you Republicans — children — you’re out of your league. You’re playing way out of your league. Bob Mueller is several steps ahead of you and you will destroy your majority for years to come,” Scarborough snarled.

“I think Americans would probably be comforted with you out of power for a very long time and your president with a 33 percent approval rating,” he added.

It was a busy morning on set at MSNBC. At another point in the show, the team welcomed NBC News icon Tom Brokaw who causally accused Fox News of waging “jihad” to protect President Donald Trump and destroy U.S. institutions like the FBI.

“We’re at war here,” Brokaw said in a Breitbart-esque flourish.

Watch above.