‘Morning Joe’ Blasts GOP’s Guns Double Standard: ‘If a Guy Named Mohammed Blew Up That Church’

Scarborough says if the shooter had been Muslim, the response from Republican politicians would have been very different

On the set of “Morning Joe”on Monday, hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski bemoaned the latest gun massacre that left 26 dead in a Texas church on Sunday.

Scarborough said that if the shooter had been Muslim, the response from GOP politicians and our national conversations would be very different.

“If Southern Baptist churches were blowing up, if a guy named Mohammed blew up that church yesterday, oh, my God. Oh, my God. This morning Washington would be on fire,” said Scarborough.

“After these gun incidences that happen so much more often than acts of terrorism and kill so many more people,” he added. “All we get is, ‘Let’s pray,’ and ‘I feel so bad’ and ‘We can’t talk about it,’ and ‘Well, this is a mental health issue.’ We wouldn’t put up with this with any other epidemic.”

The team also cited President Donald Trump’s markedly different response to the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas compared to the truck attack in New York City last week.

Scarborough, a former gun-friendly Republican Congressman from Florida, said that the party and the NRA had gone off the deep end with firearms, forcing current GOP members into absurd positions.

“We have one apologist after another apologist after another apologist, it’s been going on since Sandy Hook and before coming on here going ‘oh, there’s nothing we can do. We’re weak. We’re helpless. We have to tell our children you may got shot in churches, you may get shot in concerns, you may get shot in school. We’re helpless.”

Watch the clip above.