‘Morning Joe’ Host’s United Airlines Story Doesn’t Involve Anyone Being Dragged Off a Plane

Willie Geist offers a dose of positive PR for the embattled airline

Willie Geist

“Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist is proving there may be more to United Airlines than bad service or crew-members dragging passengers down the aisle against their will.

On Friday, Geist tweeted out his appreciation to an airline crew after an attendant allowed him to use her personal charger because the power on the flight wasn’t working.

“.@United, a shoutout to your excellent crew right now on Flight 247 from LAX to EWR,” Geist said. “The power on the plane isn’t working, so flight attendant Toni passed around her personal charger, allowing one guy (????) to write an hour of television. She’s great and I thought you should know.”

Geist — who could have very easily used his tweet to exclusively complain about the power not working — took the high road.

In an update, he even included a photo of Toni.

The news is likely welcome to an airline that has become a magnate for bad press in recent months.

In April, the company faced a national scandal after video emerged showing a passenger being beaten and dragged off a flight. The airlines later settled with that passenger, Dr. David Dao, for an undisclosed amount.