‘Morning Joe’ Says Hunter Biden Investigation Has ‘Very Clearly’ Proven to Have ‘No Basis’: ‘Why Are We Still Doing This?’ (Video)

New York congressman Dan Goldman tells the MSNBC crew that the investigation is nothing but a “fishing expedition”

After more than five years, the Republican investigation into Hunter Biden continues, but so far, has not yielded any evidence of wrongdoing by his father. So, Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) wondered on Tuesday’s episode of “Morning Joe,” “Why are we still doing this?”

Goldman’s irritation came after the House Oversight Committee interviewed Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer on Monday. During that interview, Archer reportedly testified that Hunter Biden would put his dad on the phone in front of business associates, but they “never once spoke about any business dealings.”

Archer also testified that the president “most of the time…didn’t even know who the people were at the dinner table.”

“This investigation is now very clearly a complete fishing expedition that has no basis — no basis in fact — to continue with it,” Goldman said. “And every witness that they bring in continues to confirm that Joe Biden had nothing to do with it.”

He continued, “So then that begs the question, why are we still doing this? Why are we wasting taxpayer money on this fishing expedition, where there’s no basis for Congress to be involved?”

You can watch the full conversation from “Morning Joe” in the video above.