‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Paul Ryan’s ‘Jedi Council,’ Drops Solid Yoda Impression (Video)

Intrigued you are? Read on

The set of “Morning Joe” took a detour to a galaxy far, far away on Wednesday with Joe Scarborough briefly leading an impromptu discussion of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s so-called “Jedi Council” of top House conservatives — and in the process dropped a pretty solid Yoda impression.

Intrigued you are? Read on.

Things got going — oddly enough — with Tom Price. President Trump’s former Health and Human Services Secretary resigned under pressure last week after a series of headlines documenting his repeated use of private jets on taxpayer business.

Mika Brzezinski cited a Politico report saying that Ryan, Price’s old House colleague, had personally intervened to try to save his old friend’s job. The gang on the MSNBC set, however, zeroed in on one particular nugget from the story:

Price has long had the speaker’s ear on policy matters and was part of Ryan’s old “Jedi Council,” a group of fiscally conservative rabble-rousers who used to powwow when Republicans were in the minority.

Brzezinski, who made it clear multiple times throughout the show that she didn’t know what a Jedi Council was, tried to move on, but Scarborough — embracing his inner fanboy — wasn’t prepared to let it slide.

“Wait a second, hold on, hold on,” said JScar. “If Tom Price is a member of your Jedi Council, then you lost the war a long time ago and you guys have been taken out Darth Vader’s trash for the last couple months. How could Tom Price be in anybody’s Jedi council?

Morning show padawan Willie Geist then piped up: “And why would you defend him remaining in your Jedi Council based on what you know about his travel across the galaxy?”

Scarborough then offered a plug for the upcoming “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” before dropping his own final denunciation of Price.

“Fly too many jets he did,” he said in his best Yoda impression. “Not on the Jedi Council he is.”