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‘Morning Joe': Michael Avenatti is ‘Jumping the Shark’ With Nonstop TV Appearances (Video)

”I wouldn’t be on the air six hours a day at this point,“ says ”Morning Joe“ regular Donny Deutsch

Last Updated: May 11, 2018 @ 6:06 AM

Have Michael Avenatti’s nonstop media appearances gone too far?

The answer may be yes according to “Morning Joe” analyst Donny Deutsch, who warned that the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels in her legal fight with Donald Trump is at risk of “jumping the shark.”

“I’m just feeling over the last few days — a little bit — he feels like he’s jumping the shark a little bit,” said Deutsch on set Friday. “You almost get the feeling he’s already auditioning for Jeff Zucker and Phil Griffin for his next TV spot.”

“I wouldn’t be on the air six hours a day at this point,” Deutsch added, saying that it appeared Avenatti was “losing a little sight of where he is and the position he’s in.”

“Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough seemed to disagree, noting that Avenatti had been getting under Trump’s skin and was only following the same playbook of the president himself.

In recent days, Avenatti has attacked the president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, and the payments he received from a Russian oligarch and various U.S. companies. Deutsch is known to be personally close to Cohen and often speaks about his “friend” on air with Scarborough.

Deutsch isn’t alone in his assessment that Avenatti may be doing a bit too much television. Avenatti addressed critics earlier this week saying that his media blitz has been deliberate and has achieved results.

“There’s been some criticism about our media strategy and how often I’ve been on CNN and how often I’ve been on your show and other networks, et cetera. It’s all a bunch of nonsense because here’s the bottom line, Anderson, it’s working. It’s working in spades,” he said — while on set with Anderson Cooper, Tuesday.

“One of the ways that it’s working is because we’re so out-front on this, people send us information. People want to help our cause. People contact us with information,” he added.