‘Morning Joe:’ Mika Brzezinski Thinks Trump ‘Doesn’t Really Seem to Be There’

“He doesn’t really seem to connect with the reality of the situation,” Brzezinksi says of POTUS

Morning Joe Mika

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski on Wednesday took a break from their DACA discussion to take some shots at Donald Trump’s mental health, after reviewing his response to the massive flooding and destruction in Houston, Texas, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Her co-host Joe Scarborough, however, seemed to try to pull her off the idea that Trump “doesn’t really seem to be there.”

“Is this a stability issue?” Brzezinski asked contributor Mark Halerpin. “I feel like some might argue when you see him off prompter, he doesn’t really seem to be there.

“He doesn’t really seem to connect with the reality of the situation. For example, in Houston, saying ‘have a good time’ to people or something. There’s some disconnection.”

“I’m asking if this is a stability issue,” she said when co-host Scarborough asked her what she was trying to get at.

But Scarborough intervened before Halperin could answer: “Dr. Halperin is only a doctor on TV. Advice he makes should not be used for you or loved ones.”

“I’m looking at the reality of the situation, Brzezinski said, not backing down.

Halperin did get this word in: “Any president, of either party, would have trouble — President Obama had trouble with the issue.”

The heads on “Morning Joe” have long questioned the state of Trump’s mental health, but on Wednesday, Scarborough didn’t appear to be in the mood.