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‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Trump Administration Security Snags: ‘This Isn’t a Safe White House’ (Video)

Mike Brzezinski says Trump will grant security clearance to anyone he thinks is ”good-looking“

The “Morning Joe” gang is fired (caffeinated?) up over the Trump White House’s security clearance mess.

“This isn’t a safe White House,” Brzezinski said of the many working officials and advisers lacking the FBI’s approval.

But how would one have such access to classified documents without the bureau’s thumbs-up? Simple — the President of the United States can make an exception to the rule.

“If he thinks someone is good-looking, he’ll sign the waiver. Swear to God,” Brzezinski said a few minutes later. “I know that sounds crazy, but he likes to cast his office.”

“This is a widespread systematic problem and again it goes to the heart of national security,” Joe Scarborough said during the segment. “It goes to people that may be seeing classified information that don’t have the right to see classified information, and it is a HELL of a lot more dangerous to America’s national security, the possibilities, than the secretary of state emailing other people with national security clearances a couple of documents that may have a ‘C’ written on it — which, by the way, I said for a year and a half was pretty serious stuff.”

Lumping Trump in with Hillary Clinton, Scarborough decided he’s done with POTUSes of a certain age.

“If a millennial runs, I’m voting for them,” Scarborough said. “We can’t get Baby Boomer presidents behind us fast enough.”

Watch the video above.