‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Marjorie Taylor Greene for Incidentally Endorsing Biden at Turning Point: ‘The Woman Is Really Loopy’ (Video)

The MSNBC program’s host Joe Scarborough jokes that her speech was “paid for by the Joe Biden reelection campaign 2024” over Mika Brzezinski’s laughter

“Morning Joe” eviscerated Marjorie Taylor Greene Tuesday morning for a foot-in-her-mouth speech at Turning Point Action Conference that incidentally seemed to endorse President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign.

“This commercial paid for by the Joe Biden reelection campaign 2024,” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said after rolling a clip of the Sunday speech, with guest panelist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post enthusing that “the woman is really loopy and nuts.”

Greene’s speech on Sunday derided Biden for being a “Democrat socialist” whose policies in his Build Back Better initiative echo Lyndon B. Johnson’s the Great Society. As she listed the reasons why that’s a bad thing, the “Morning Joe” team determined that, well, it’s actually good.

“The Great Society were big government programs to address education, medical care, urban problems, rural poverty, transportation, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and welfare,” Greene said. “Now, LBJ had the Great Society, but Joe Biden had Build Back Better, and he still is working on it. The largest public investment in social infrastructure and environmental programs that is actually finishing what FDR started that LBJ expanded on and Joe Biden is attempting to complete.”

“This commercial paid for by the Joe Biden reelection campaign 2024,” Scarborough joked over cohost Mika Brzezinski’s laughter and exclamation: “I was going to say! Oh my god.”

“So let me get this straight,” Scarborough said, raising an eyebrow. “She is angry that American universities and colleges constantly rank at the very top among the best institutions of the world, and that Medicare now takes care of senior citizens. She is angry that rural hospitals and that nursing homes that your mom, your dad, your family members may go to, are supported by Medicaid. So she’s angry that the federal government has provided a safety net for senior citizens, for Medicaid, for our prescription drugs. She’s angry that Joe Biden has now expanded healthcare benefits for veterans. She is angry that Joe Biden is trying to help the least fortunate Americans.

“I mean, seriously, it could not have been more of an advertisement for Joe Biden,” Scarborough concluded.

Robinson agreed, saying she listed “every good thing that’s happened in the country since FDR.”

“She’s angry at the interstate highway system I guess? I don’t know what her beef is. It’s really crazy. And so who are these people she’s talking to? Who are these people in the audience who are going to nod along and applaud and say, ‘Oh yeah, all that stuff is horrible,’” he said. “It might be a few people in her corner of northwest Georgia, but I don’t think she’s going to find very many Americans anywhere else who are going to agree with her that all of this stuff is terrible and we need to get rid of Medicare and social security and Medicaid and, oh yeah, let’s have crappy universities instead of what we have now. It’s just incredible. The woman is really loopy and nuts.”

Willie Geist then chimed in, joking, “Marjorie Taylor Greene: DNC sleeper agent,” before pointing out that the White House’s official Twitter account also retweeted Greene’s speech with a joke of their own: “Caught us. President Biden is working to make life easier for hardworking families.”

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.