‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Tim Scott for Painting Dems as ‘Party of Grievance’: ‘That Either Was Projection or a Confession’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough was simply baffled by Scott’s characterization of Democrats

Following Republican Tim Scott’s announcement that he will be running for president, the hosts of “Morning Joe” were a bit baffled – not so much by the choice itself, but rather, some of the motivations behind it.

In announcing his candidacy, Scott told the crowd at Charleston Southern University, his alma mater, that “I’m the candidate the far-left fears the most” because “I disrupt their narrative. I threaten their control. The truth of my life disrupts their lies.”

The 40-minute address included Scott saying the left is “pushing us into a culture of grievances instead of a culture of greatness.”” Criticizing the “liberal lie that our country is evil,” he said he is the “candidate the far left fears the most.” “

Playing that clip on Tuesday morning, Joe Scarborough wondered if Scott might’ve been voicing concerns about his own party.

“I think there’s some projecting there, because I’ve got to say, Tim Scott — when I see Tim Scott, I think ‘Yeah. That’s America,’” Scarborough said. “What an exciting story. You look at his background, and you look where he came from, and you look at the fact that this is a guy that excites a lot of Republicans running for president, that’s really exciting!”

Scarborough went on to compare Scott’s story to that of former president Barack Obama, saying that an underdog story is one that most everyone roots for, and that Democrats especially want to see people achieve success like Scott.

“Maybe my memory’s a little foggy right now but, you know, he was talking a lot about a party that’s a party of grievance, and talking a lot about a party of anger,” Scarborough added. “That either was projection, or a confession.”

He continued, “And when he’s talking about ‘Joe Biden’s done more to divide us,’ last time I checked, Joe Biden wasn’t talking about overthrowing presidential elections and terminating the constitution of the United States!”

You can watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.