‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Trump Legal Team: ‘Everybody Knows That Rudy Giuliani is Lying’

Set regulars warned that Giuliani would not be remembered well for his performance defending President Trump

The set of “Morning Joe” gave a negative assessment of Rudy Giuliani’s latest Sunday morning show performance on Monday, saying that history would not judge the former New York City mayor kindly for his role defending President Donald Trump.

“Everybody knows that Rudy Giuliani is lying, even Trump,” said co-host Joe Scarborough of Trump’s attorney. “The most hardcore Trump supporter knows that he’s lying.”

On Sunday, Giuliani told “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd on the program that the “truth isn’t truth.” The moment, emerging during one of Giuliani’s characteristic defenses of the president, had Todd chuckling in disbelief. The NBC host warned that the line would become a “bad meme” for Giuliani in the future.

Scarborough said it reminded him of Bill Clinton’s request during the Monica Lewinsky hearings two decades ago about what the definition of “is” is.

Also on set was historian Jon Meacham, who also warned that history wouldn’t be kind to Giuliani.

“We’re through the looking glass,” said Meacham. “History is not going to reward Mayor Giuliani for the way he spent his Sundays in 2017 and 2018.”

“I see Trump talking to mirrors and Rudy,” he added, suggesting madness in the West Wing. “He’s just wandering around talking to himself creating this.”

Giuliani’s gaffe with Todd is not the first time the combative Trump attorney has made news for going off script. In May, he departed from longtime White House talking points when he admitted to Sean Hannity that President Trump did, in fact, pay Stormy Daniels in October in exchange for her signing an NDA. Before Giuliani’s reveal, the prevailing line had been that Trump’s fixer, Michael Cohen, had fronted the money from his own pocket without repayment.