Is ‘Morning Joe’ Host Joe Scarborough Planning a Bid for the Presidency?

“He wanted to be president, and he’s not. And, of all people, Donald Trump is,” a senior White House official tells New York Magazine reporter

Joe Scarborough

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” namesake Joe Scarborough may run for U.S. president in the future, as he hasn’t ruled it out. However, a White House official thinks the show host and former GOP congressman “wanted to be president” and is salty that the job now belongs to Donald Trump.

Scarborough recently announced he would leave the Republican Party and become an Independent. A lengthy New York Magazine cover story by Olivia Nuzzi offers the possibility of Scarborough eventually eyeing the role of POTUS.

“He wanted to be president, and he’s not. And, of all people, Donald Trump is. This is crazy,” a senior White House official told Nuzzi.

Nuzzi wrote that Scarborough said he “didn’t rule out… running for president in the future” during the interview, although he was quick to mention he’s happy with his current life.

“It was never mentioned, never discussed, and anyone who ever said it is a liar,” Scarborough told Nuzzi. “No ambiguity there at all. I’m happy right where I am with Mika, music, and ‘Morning Joe.’”

Scarborough and the current president have a long history, as “Morning Joe” was particularly friendly to Trump during the Republican primaries but Scarborough turned on Trump once he won the election. Now Scarborough and co-host/fiancé Mika Brzezinski mock Trump on a daily basis, often questioning his mental health.