‘Morning Joe’: The ‘Pathetic’ GOP ‘Has Forfeited Forever’ the Idea of Being a ‘Law and Order Party’ After Debate (Video)

“It’s sad and it’s pathetic,” Scarborough says on the MSNBC program

Following the first Republican presidential debate on Wednesday night, “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough was largely unimpressed with most of the candidates. In fact, for him, it was the clearest indication that the party “has forfeited forever” the idea that its the party of law and order.

Looking back on the debate on Thursday morning, Scarborough argued that the night as a whole proved just “how low” the GOP has fallen, as most of the candidates still promised to support Donald Trump if and when he becomes the nominee.

“I am so glad that Rev. [Al Sharpton] talked about how the Republican Party has forfeited forever the idea that they were ever some law and order party, or ever supported justice, or, you know, even the Constitution,” Scarborough said. “Chris Christie’s getting booed when he brings up the unpleasant fact that Donald Trump said he wanted to terminate the Constitution of the United States, if that’s what it took for him to get back into the White House.”

Scarborough pointed out that candidates Christie and Asa Hutchinson were the only two people on stage who didn’t agree to support Trump if he is chosen to become the party’s nominee for president in the general election, and Scarborough once again reiterated his disgust with the rest.

“The fact that they would raise their hand and say that they would support a presidential candidate who’s convicted — convicted — of stealing nuclear secrets, tells you once again so much more than you need to know about how low the Republican Party’s fallen in 2023,” Scarborough said. (Trump has been indicted, not yet convicted.)

“It’s sad, and it’s pathetic. And I for one, think we need a strong Republican Party,” he added. “This is not it.”

You can watch Scarborough’s full comments in the video above.