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‘Morning Joe’ Republican on Roy Moore: ‘The Crap That Flows From This Will Spew Up All Over Us’

Former Republican National Committee chief Michael Steele says Alabama senate candidate needs to be expunged from the GOP

The set of “Morning Joe” spent a second day analyzing the fallout from allegations of sexual misconduct by Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

On hand was show regular and former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele. Steele said that Moore was a grave danger to the party brand and made his point with a blunt metaphor.

“Our Republican party needs to take a step away from this and make it very clear that this is not the kind of candidate nor the kind the person that we would project to the country as a leader,” said Steele. “And if it does not do this, the crap that flows from this will spew up all over us and it will be hard to get out of our clothing politically down the road.”

Steele’s comments on crap-soiled political garb came after a question from show co-host Willie Geist, who asked how Steele would have handled the issue were he still running the RNC.

Steele said there were many instances during his career where he had “come to Jesus” moments with flawed candidates and informed them that the national party would abandon them regardless of the electoral outcome.

On Monday, Moore’s public denials took a major blow with the emergence of a fifth accuser. During an emotional press conference with attorney Gloria Allred, Beverly Young Nelson accused Moore of sexually assaulting her in a car when she was 16. Though Moore later said he didn’t know the woman, Nelson was able to produce an old high school yearbook which bore Moore’s signature.

National Republican figures seemed to come to the same conclusion as Steele this week, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell telling reporters that he believed the Moore accusers and that the judge should step aside.

Another Senate Republican, Cory Gardner, has said Moore should not be seated in the body even if he wins the election next month.

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