‘Morning Joe’: If Trump Were CEO He’d Be ‘Removed Immediately’ For ‘Psychiatric Evaluation’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough accuses the president of “hurting his country and, in many cases, hurting the world”

On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough continued his attacks on the president, saying if Donald Trump were still a CEO, his recent actions would land him a “psychiatric evaluation.”

Scarborough accused President Trump of “hurting his country and, in many cases, hurting the world. “… he doesn’t know any better,” he continued.

“There is not a sane, rational human being who would have tweeted what he tweeted yesterday,” Scarborough said. “If any CEO, in a Fortune 500 company, was behaving this way, he or she would be removed immediately… they would take him out, he would have psychiatric evaluation and he would no longer be the CEO.”

Panelist Donny Deutsch said the president has a “personality disorder” — and “it’s getting worse.”

The MSNBC morning show isn’t alone in criticizing the president’s recent actions on Tuesday: The Wall Street Journal published an editorial that says Trump is his own worst enemy.

Trump has been criticized for mocking London Mayor Sadiq Khan after his city was hit by a terror attack over the weekend, but Trump doubled down on Monday, calling comments by Khan a “pathetic disgrace.”

“In a humiliating coup de grace, the mayor’s office put out a statement saying he ‘has more important things to do than respond’ to Mr. Trump’s social-media insults. The U.S. Commander in Chief also has better uses of his time than making himself look foolish,” the WSJ wrote.

On Monday, “Morning Joe” mocked Trump by offering viewers and panelists a pop quiz to see how they’d react to the London attack if put in the president’s shoes.

Check out the video above.