‘Morning Joe’: Scarborough Nails Republicans for Pelosi Attack Response: ‘What Is Wrong With Your Soul?’ (Video)

“Are your parents really proud you mock 82-year-olds getting their brains bashed in?” the television host asked

On Wednesday’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough bashed Republicans like Donald Trump Jr., Rep. Clay Higgins and Twitter CEO Elon Musk for mocking, lying and spreading misinformation about the violent attack that left Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, with a fractured skull.

“This was just such a savage attack and the conspiracy theories are so bizarre,” Scarborough said. “Why can’t [Republicans] just say what Nancy Pelosi said after Steve Scalise got shot. Why can’t they do that? What’s wrong with that? This isn’t about politics, this is about who raised you.”

Touching on the Republican party at large’s response, which has been rather muted and avoidant, the host added: “Are your parents really proud you mock 82-year-olds getting their brains bashed in? You just can’t say this is a tragedy; it’s bad for America; we’re praying for you. Why can’t you say that, Republicans? Mitch McConnell said it, few others have. What’s wrong with your soul?”

Hosts Mika Brzezinski and Scarborough went on to discuss which Republican leaders could stop the misinformation and violent rhetoric and how former President Donald Trump played a role in bringing the Republican Party to where it is today.

“I think the sickness is so deep among the extreme MAGA base that if someone criticizes violence the way they should, I think they would be seen as sellouts,” Scarborough said.

He then referred back to the aftermath of the Jan. 6 insurrection and how Trump refused to condemn the rioters, regardless of the fact other Republican leaders were begging him to.

“The fascism that started rising in 2015 when Donald Trump started praising violence, when he started telling people of color that were in Congress to go back to where you came from, when he started praising Congressmen who beat up reporters for simply asking a question about healthcare reform, when he said there were good people on both sides in Charlottesville,” Scarborough said.

Watch a portion of the “Morning Joe” segment above.