‘Morning Joe’: Scarborough Rips GOP ‘Jackasses’ Over ‘Reckless’ and ‘Sickening’ Biden Attacks Amid Ukraine War (Video)

“Can you just wait until the specter of nuclear war and World War III are beyond us?” Scarborough says on Friday

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough is joining the voices of other media personalities who are criticizing top congressional Republicans for their comments on Joe Biden’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine, outright calling them “jackasses.”

On Friday morning’s show, Scarborough noted that he’s tried to maintain bipartisanship in his reporting and “tried very hard not not to bring politics into this at all.” But now he’s had enough, calling some top Republicans’ words and actions “reckless.”

“There are some Republicans, some Republican senators, out there that are trying to turn this into a political hit job against Joe Biden, and are pushing him to do things that would trigger World War III,” Scarborough said. “It’s so reckless. They’re pushing him not only to do things that could trigger World War III, that they would never do if they were sitting in the White House, they’re also pushing him to do things that would get the United States so far ahead of our allies, that there would be a split between the United States and NATO, Joe Biden — say what you will about Joe Biden in Afghanistan, we were critical of Joe Biden in Afghanistan — Joe Biden has paced this extraordinarily well.”

Scarborough also argued that, thanks to Biden’s patience and tact, other countries in the NATO alliance are stepping up and making “game-changing” moves and “generational change.”

“There’s been like 22 years of blunders for Vladimir Putin and Russia. Joe Biden’s cleaned it up,” Scarborough later added. “He’s done it pretty well. And he’s done it when all of our lives are on the line, when there’s a risk of nuclear war. And you have jackasses in the United States Senate trying to gain cheap political — hey, can you just wait until the specter of nuclear war and World War III are beyond us, and then go back and make your cheap political points then? Because you’re really — this is sickening.”

You can watch the full segment from “Morning Joe” in the video above.