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‘Morning Joe’ Slams Marco Rubio’s ‘Bulls–‘ Complaint About the Miami Heat Endorsing Gun Restrictions

The MSNBC host also called out GOP Senators who said Wednesday that guns are not the problem

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Thursday called out Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s response to The Miami Heat, which the night before had encouraged fans in attendance to call their representatives and support common sense gun laws.

The Heat held a pregame moment of silence Wednesday for the school shooting victims in Uvalde, Texas. The announcer urged fans to reach out to state senators and “also make change at the ballot box.”

In response, Rubio posted a series of tweets calling out the NBA for its business relationships in China. 

“The @NBA doesn’t like to talk about the billions they make from a China that enslaves Uyghur Muslims and harvests their organs But they have no problem politicizing a horrific tragedy in America,” Rubio wrote, kicking off a series of three tweets on the NBA and China.

After “Morning Joe” co-hosts explained the story, Scarborough responded by suggesting Rubio’s comments were “just a distraction.”

“It’s a, ‘Look over there. Look over there. Let’s talk about healthcare’ even though [Texas Governor] Greg Abbott slashes funding on healthcare. ‘Let’s talk about violent video games’ even though there are violent video games all over the globe and yet we in America have the gun problem,” Scarborough said. “Now, ‘Let’s talk about China?’ He’s 20 minutes, 30 minutes from Parkland? He says, ‘Let’s talk about China?’ The whatabout-ism, there is no whatabout-ism. … If Americans getting slaughtered, Marco, makes you talk about China, if you see, oh, I don’t know, if you see these little children (holds up NY Post cover) who have been slaughtered, you don’t want to talk about that slaughter, you don’t want to talk about Americans being killed, you want to talk about China? Nobody’s buying that bulls–t, Marco. Nobody. Nobody.”

After returning from a commercial break, the show cut to video clips of four GOP senators, including Rubio and Texas’ Ted Cruz, either suggesting guns are not the problem, or criticizing those on the left who they claim politicize mass shootings. Scarborough then read a list of more than a dozen mass shootings all committed with the use of AR-15s.

“Let me tell you something, again, those people you just saw, they think you’re stupid. they really do. and if you voted for them, they think you’re really stupid. because I can tell you, if you know anything about Constitutional law, if you know anything about the Second Amendment, if you know anything about the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Second Amendment and what is Constitutional law as it pertains to the Second Amendment,  you do not have in America, a Constitutional right to carry an AR-15,” Scarborough said. “There is not that constitutional right.”

He continued: “You have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The court said you have a Constitutional right to have a handgun, shotgun, inside your home for protection. That’s your Constitutional right. If states want to go beyond that, they can. If states want to ban anything beyond that, the Constitution says, as interpreted by the United States Supreme Court, that they can’t. So that’s all lies … every one of those Republican senators they were lying to you. it’s just not true.”

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