‘Morning Joe’ Calls Trump ‘Bumbling Dope’ For Letting Russian Reporters Into Oval Office

Joe Scarborough says the photo of Russia’s Foreign Minister inside the Oval Office is “shameful”

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough called President Donald Trump a “bumbling dope” on Thursday morning because of the way a meeting with Russia’s Foreign Minister was handled.

Trump held a meeting Wednesday with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, who is a key figure in the FBI’s probe into the administration’s possible collusion with Russia. American journalists were not allowed in, but Russian photographers were granted access. Scarborough made it clear he didn’t appreciate the decision.

“Looking at the front pages of the newspapers here… The Wall Street Journal also, you look, of course, at pictures. The shameful picture where the United States press corps was kept out but the Russians were allowed in,” Scarborough said while holding up the paper.

Scarborough then noted that this happened after a new poll showed Trump’s sinking approval ratings, noting the GOP needs to get its act together or the Republicans will lose control of the House during midterm elections.

“If [Republicans] are incapable of being shamed, to stand up in defense of the Constitution… perhaps they will step up and defend their own political careers,” Scarborough said before going back to the photo on the cover of the Journal.

“This happened because Vladimir Putin asked Donald Trump if he would do it and so Donald Trump barred American reporters, but let Russian reporters go in there with camera equipment. Some people in the intel agencies tell me it was actually was dangerous to let Russian reporters go in with equipment of that kind into the White House,” he said. “What a bumbling, bumbling dope.”

Check out the video above.