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‘Morning Joe': Steve Bannon and Donald Trump Think Alabama Voters Are ‘Stupid’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough rips Breitbart News chairman’s campaign speech for embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough spent Wednesday morning unloading on Breitbart News chairman and former White House political strategist Steve Bannon — now campaigning in Alabama for embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Scarborough, a child of the South, said Bannon’s showboating for Moore in the Heart of Dixie suggested he thought voters there were “stupid.”

“What strikes me the most is just how stupid both Donald Trump and Steve Bannon think people in Alabama are,” said Scarborough. “Those people in the audience, they think that they’re stupid.”

Scarborough took particular umbrage with Bannon bashing former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his family’s lack of military service during a Moore rally in Fairhope, Alabama, and reminded viewers of his show that the leader of Bannon’s movement — Donald Trump — racked up five deferments from Vietnam.

“He makes it about Mitt Romney. Here you have five deferments from Donald Trump and 40 dead in service the day he graduated [college],” said Scarborough. “Those people in the audience are smart people. They know that Donald Trump had five deferments.”

In his fiery stump for Moore, Bannon went all in for the candidate now facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, including fondling a 14-year-old girl. He aimed his fire at many places, including the “establishment” and the national media.

“If they can destroy Roy Moore they can destroy you,” said Bannon. “They want to destroy Judge Moore. And you know why? They want to take your voice away,” he said.

“This is about you, 100 percent. This is about you. They’re taking your voice away.”

Watch above.