‘Morning Joe’ Still Upset Over Al Franken Resignation: ‘It Doesn’t Feel Right’

“I’m just wondering why is it that the Democrats believe in due process one second and the next second they don’t,” asks Joe Scarborough

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough came to the defense of Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota) on Friday saying that the senator’s case seemed political and asked how Trump adviser Roger Stone was the first to know about the initial accusations of misconduct against the Democrat.

“Why hasn’t anybody checked up and seen exactly how Roger Stone knew any this from a conservative talk radio host nine hours before it happened? Is no one curious out there that’s doing all of these stories?” said Scarborough. “You can’t be because you’ll get killed for saying it doesn’t feel right in this case.”

He also blasted Senate Democrats for what he called the railroading of Franken to pressure him to resign even before the ethics committee’s investigation had been completed.

“The Republicans believe in due process. I’m just wondering why is it that the Democrats believe in due process one second and the next second they don’t believe in due process for Al Franken,” he said. “A guy they served with and a guy they all went up and hugged after telling him to get the hell out of the Senate because of something that Roger Stone announced to the world. ”

Scarborough was joined in vigorous agreement by his co-host Mika Brzezinski, who was one of the earliest champions of the #MeToo movement, to warn that things were spiraling out of control.

As allegations have ensnared a growing number of men — including some MSNBC contributors — Brzezinski has publicly questioned whether all women need to be believed and warned that she knew men who were going to stop hiring women altogether.

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