‘Morning Joe’ Suggests Bankruptcy as ‘Best Move’ for Donald Trump: ‘Not Just Economically, but Politically’ | Video

“It’ll hurt his pride. I don’t think he’ll do it because of his pride,” co-host Joe Scarborough says of the former president 

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” had an earnest suggestion for Donald Trump’s financial and legal struggles – bankruptcy, which host Joe Scarborough said Monday would be the “best move” for the former president “not just economically, but politically.”

“What Donald Trump has done so masterfully is he’s made the grievances that he has, the grievances that people have against him,” MSNBC analyst Elise Jordan said. “It’s not about him, he tells voters, it’s about you. They are doing this to you. I am being persecuted.”

Jordan continued saying, “By pushing the victimhood narrative, he has managed to make this not just about himself and his problems of the day but about a large swath of the country that is repulsed, frankly, by elites who are sitting in Washington.”

“Which is why, Mika, I know this sounds crazy … Donald Trump declaring bankruptcy may be the best move for him,” Scarborough reponded. “Not just economically, but politically.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski agreed that the best move for Trump might be declaring bankruptcy. 

“It’ll hurt his pride. I don’t think he’ll do it because of his pride,” Scarborough continued. “But the base, if Donald Trump had to file bankruptcy, I actually think it’d help him politically.”

“He inflated his assets in every way,” Brzezinski added. “He was also aspirational.”

“Everybody dreamed to wear the red hat and be rich and famous and have gold-plated everything. He symbolized success in that way,” Brzezinski said. 


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