‘Morning Joe’: ‘The President Has Difficulty Reading, I Know That for a Fact’ (Video)

“There may be an issue here,” Mika Brzezinski says, noting that the president requires glasses to read

Can Donald Trump read? The answer to that question was unclear on Friday’s “Morning Joe.” With host Joe Scarborough away, Morning Mika said she had questions.

“The president has difficulty reading, I know that for a fact,” said Mika Brzezinski to the show’s cast of regulars. “He doesn’t like to read and doesn’t really read, and when he does, he needs to use glasses and there may be an issue there.”

Glasses? There may be an issue there.

The conversation was precipitated by a question of why Trump had fumbled his words during a recent interview with Marillyn Hewson, CEO of arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

“We were watching yesterday also the president having a little bit of trouble interviewing the president of Lockheed,” said Brzezinski. “Getting the name wrong. It appeared he read his notes wrong.”

In the week of “Morning Mika,” Brzezinski hasn’t faced any difficulty generating headlines. On Wednesday, she suggested that Trump’s frequently misspelled tweeted were evidence that he was “unhinged,” and yesterday insisted that he secretly watched MSNBC to learn what the real story was.

In the past, the show has compared Trump to 20th-century dictators including, Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot and openly suggested he was suffering from mental illness. In one instance last year, Scarborough said Trump reminded him of his mother who has had dementia for 10 years.