‘Morning Joe’ Scorches Tuberville for Questioning Role of Pentagon Leaders: They’re Protecting Us ‘From Idiocy Like That Guy’ (Video)

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough scolded the senator for talking “like a fool” on national television

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough once again laid into Alabama Republican Tommy Tuberville on Thursday morning, this time for the senator’s implication that leaders at the Pentagon really don’t do much every day. In reality, Scarborough said, they do quite a lot — including protecting people “from idiocy like that guy.”

“People up here in the Pentagon, I don’t know what they do every day, but they’re more of giving advice,” Tuberville, who is actively blocking the appointment of several military leaders, said in a recent interview. And that immediately set Scarborough off.

“What an idiot!” Scarborough said. “What an idiot. Let me just say it again. What an idiot! What? What? You don’t know what our military leaders do in the Pentagon every day? You think they’re just about giving advice? The ignorance, this guy!”

As the discussion continued, Scarborough noted that during his time in politics, he was on the Armed Services Committee in the House, and “it’s not that hard to figure out” exactly what those people are doing.

“It has to do with protecting America from our enemies, and planning on keeping this country safe, keeping our allies safe, and keeping freedom safe from from tyranny,” Scarborough said. “And also, I must say, from idiocy like that guy.”

The “Morning Joe” host scolded Tuberville for talking “like a fool” on national television, and basically begged him to educate himself.

“Well learn! Find out!” Scarborough exclaimed. “You’re a United States senator!”

You can watch the full moment from “Morning Joe” in the video above.