‘Morning Joe’: Trump Goes to Fox for ‘Love’ but MSNBC for ‘What’s Really Going On’

Show co-host Mika Brzezinski says Trump knows where to go for real news

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski insisted Thursday that President Donald Trump only watched Fox News to receive adulation and tuned into MNSBC and her program to know the real story.

“He goes to Fox for love, he comes here for what’s really going on. He really wants everybody to like him. They don’t and it actually gets to his head,” said Brzezinski as the cast of regulars nodded along.

“We were joking in the newsroom that the chyron operator at ‘Fox and Friends’ probably has more power over our nation’s foreign policy than whoever wrote don’t congratulate Putin on top of that briefing paper,” said show mainstay Sam Stein.

That would presumably be the Daily Beast newsroom, which recently hired Stein away from HuffPost to serve as politics editor.

The moment of media analysis was preceded by a lengthy diatribe from Brzezinski, who attacked Trump over his latest tweetstorm.

“You want to think like the president? Watch TV and watch his tweets. It’s unbelievable, it’s frightening and it’s incredibly childish,” she said. “I would watch cable news, watch our show, watch his tweets. It’s literally A, B, and C. You see it spelled out”

It is the second day in a row that Brzezinski has found herself railing about presidential tweets. On Wednesday’s show, the MSNBC anchor bluntly said that Trump’s typo-laden pronouncements were evidence that he was “unhinged.”

“He’s renewing his attacks on Bob Mueller this morning in writing, in a series of misspelled tweets which should tell you something about [his] state of mind,” said Brzezinski Wednesday.

“Honestly, you have to actually hit the keys to spell the word right and I am thinking that at some point it appears to be a little bit unhinged to be tweeting wildly in the morning about the special counsel. Am I stepping out of line here?”

Watch above.