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‘Morning Joe’ Mocks Trump for His Hurricane Harvey Help (Video)

Just put the cement bucket in the pickup truck’s bed, dude

President Trump just can’t win with “Morning Joe.”

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough tore into the POTUS Tuesday over his attempts to personally help Hurricane Harvey victims. First, there was Trump’s broken-record hand-size remark, apparently a staple of any public appearance these days. Scarborough slapped that one down with a solid “like a 9-year-old” punchline. Watch the video above for context.

The gang gets livelier for the next clip from Houston, in which Trump hands a driver a bucket of Red Cross cement instead of putting it in the guy’s pickup bed. It was fun mockery, though probably not all in good fun, knowing the relationship between these guys.

“I bet they’re not breaking this down on ‘Fox & Friends,'” admitted Scarborough, referencing Trump’s preferred cable news morning show.

It’s all in the YouTube clip at the top of this post.