‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump’s NY Property Loss Inflames Daddy Issues: So Much for ‘Proving to Dad That He Could Rise Up’ (Video)

“I think that the civil case is an existential threat to him,” Rev. Al Sharpton tells the MSNBC panel

Following a judge’s ruling that Donald Trump exaggerated his net worth and asset values to grow his real estate empire, the former president now faces the possibility of losing said real estate, at least in New York. And, according to “Morning Joe” panelist Rev. Al Sharpton, that pokes a very specific sore spot for Trump: his daddy issues.

Discussing the possibility of Trump losing some of his most famous properties on Friday, the MSNBC panelists all agreed that this is probably more devastating to Trump that any of the 91 criminal charges he still faces (his four indictments are separate from this civil case).

“I think the criminal indictments are something that he can spar with, and he feels he may get away with,” Rev. Al Sharpton said. “But I think that the civil case is an existential threat to him. This is who he is.”

When Joe Scarborough pointed out that it’s also who Trump’s whole family is, Sharpton agreed, and called up an even bigger family tie-in for Donald Trump.

And his desire to show show his dad who’s gone that ‘I told you I could be somebody,’” he said. “This takes away any inkling of him proving to dad that he could rise up.”

To drive home the importance of these buildings to Trump, Scarborough called up another instance in which Trump touted them — though at the most inappropriate time.

“It means so much to him that, in a very sick moment of many sick moments, on September 11 2001, you know, as he was watching the towers go down he goes ‘Now I have the tallest building on Wall Street.’ It was a lie, but again, that shows you, in his fevered brain, how much those buildings mean to him.”

You can watch the full conversation in the video above.


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