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‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Trump on Puerto Rico Response: ‘National Disgrace’ (Video)

The island faces a humanitarian crisis after it takes a direct hit from Hurricane Maria

“Morning Joe” hosts spent some time in their first hour Monday discussing the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico and in the process blasted President Donald Trump for what they said was his inadequate response to the impact from Hurricane Maria.

“Because it’s Americans on an island in Puerto Rico that Donald Trump is not focused on or interested in, he’s actually insulting them and threatening to take away support,” Joe Scarborough said.

“This is a national disgrace and this is a national shame.”

The former GOP congressman and frequent Trump critic insisted that the president’s response would be different had the damages from Hurricane Maria struck somewhere on the U.S. mainland.

“If this were in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, if this was happening in Mountainbook, Alabama, if this was happening in the northern part of Atlanta, oh my God, we would have an operation going on there that would make D-Day look like a spring picnic,” he said.

Since the U.S. territory was rocked by a direct hit from Hurricane Maria earlier this month, Trump’s commitment to the island has been widely derided.

While he did visit the afflicted territoryand promised federal assistance, he has also sent a series of accusatory tweets, seemingly blaming the U.S. citizens on Puerto Rico for their own problems.

He has also publicly feuded with the mayor of San Juan.

The segment ended with Scarborough calling for viewers to contribute to the aid agency, Americare.