‘Morning Joe’: Willie Geist Says Trump’s 4-Minute Anti-RFK Jr. Rant Proves He’s ‘Never Been Good at Hiding His Fear’ | Video

The former president slammed the independent hopeful for not being a true anti-vaxxer

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” could sense Donald Trump’s “fear” of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign in a Truth Social video posted Thursday night. The four-minute rant against the third-party presidential hopeful saw the former president criticizing for not being “anti-vaccine enough.”

Trump tore into RFK Jr., urging Republicans not to vote for him. “Get it out of your mind that you’re going to vote for this guy because he’s conservative. He’s not.”

“He’s not really an anti-vaxxer, that’s only his political moment,” Trump added. “I’d even take Biden over Junior because our country would last about a year or two longer … We would collapse almost immediately.”

The embattled former president and presumed Republican presidential nominee continued calling RFK Jr.’s family “radical left” and “a bunch of lunatics.”

“According to Trump, Kennedy isn’t anti-vaccine enough,” “Morning Joe” cohost Willie Geist said after playing the video on air. “This comes as recent polls show Kennedy taking a sizable bite away from both Trump and President Biden in several battleground states.”

Geist continued, saying that the former president “has never been good at hiding his fear, and now we see it out in the open,” which received a chuckle from “Morning Joe” regular contributor Claire McCaskill. 

Trump “is very worried about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,” Geist added. “By the way, we should point out that Donald Trump’s administration led Operation Warp Speed, which was a medical miracle, thank God, to get the vaccines into the arms of people and save lives.”

“Remember when Trump still talked about developing the vaccine at rallies, and he got booed and finally figured out that this is a place that the cult was not going to go with him,” McCaskill chimed in, adding that “he’s worried,” about the election. 

McCaskill noted what she found the most surprising was Trump’s acknowledgment that RFK Jr. would be worse for the country than Biden, which was a “momentary fail in his normal way of communicating.”

“I think both Biden and Trump are worried about RFK,” McCaskill said. 

Watch the full “Morning Joe” segment in the video above.


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