‘Morning Joe’ Ponders ‘More Trump’ Strategy for Democrats: Remind Voters His First Term Was Like a ‘Toxic Relationship’ | Video

“The more distance you get from it, the more you kind of forget how terrible and toxic it was,” Mara Gay said on Wednesday

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” discussed a new Democratic strategy that intends to highlight Donald Trump’s problematic first term as president, likening it to a “toxic relationship.” 

“There’s talk that maybe Democrats want to see more Trump out there,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said. “Show him for what he is.”

Brzezinski put this in context compared to last time around when Trump was running, “where I think a lot of media organizations were criticized for carrying his speeches live, taking him on interviews all the time.”

“We did it for sure. We invited other candidates to do the same,” Brzezinski continued. “Maybe it is different this time because he shows himself and we have seen the impact of his actions.”

The New York Times’ Mara Gay affirmed Brzezinski’s points, likening “the dynamic of Americans not really remembering how terrible Trump was as President, to a bad relationship.” 

“Toxic,” replied Brzezinski. 

“Exactly, a toxic relationship,” Gay said. “The more distance you get from it, the more you kind of forget how terrible and toxic it was.”

The idea is that “well, we need to remind Americans of that,” Gay continued. “The reality is that the Republican Party has reason to fear Donald Trump as the nominee because he has been a loser for them right at this point. And they know that.”

Joe Scarborough chimed in saying “They certainly know that.” 

“Please find me a president that has Joe Biden’s record, not only in off-year elections but also off off-year elections,” Scarborough added. “Obviously something Donald Trump didn’t do. His party lost every year he was president. Certainly not something Barack Obama did.”

“All of this is a really, really big wind-up to say that Donald Trump is toxic,” Scarborough said. 


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