‘Morning Joe’ Says Trump Trials Let Him ‘Be the Martyr’ in Reelection Strategy: ‘The Mug Shot Is the Campaign Poster’ (Video)

“The trials are the campaign,” writer Michael Tomasky says

Donald Trump is about to spend most of the 2024 presidential campaigning season in a courtroom, with four trials from his criminal indictments on the way. But, according to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew, that’s exactly what Trump wants because it “allows him to be the martyr.”

That assertion was originally made by writer Michael Tomasky, in his latest piece for The New Republic. On Friday morning, he expounded on what he meant with the hosts of the political talk show, explaining that, for Trump, the trials he’s facing are the tentpoles of his campaign.

“The trials are the campaign,” Tomasky said. “The trials are the campaign. The mug shot is the campaign poster. Right? The trials are the campaign because, you know, he’s not running any kind of conventional campaign.”

Tomasky went on to explain that, while President Joe Biden will be running for reelection based on “conventional issues,” like the economy, Trump has no plans to address any kind of real issue or policy.

“Donald Trump’s not going to run on anything like that. He’s going to run on Donald Trump,” Tomasky continued. “He’s going to run on Donald Trump as the martyr. And he’s been laying the groundwork for this. This has been his rhetoric for months now; ‘They’re coming after me, they’re really coming after you. I’m the only thing that stands in between them and you.’”

Tomasky continued, “The trials allow him to be the martyr. His followers aren’t going to care about his plan for prescription drugs, they’re going to care about his martyrdom for them, as they perceive it.”

“Morning Joe” host Jonathan Lemire echoed that sentiment, saying that he’s seen the plan in action.

“I could not agree with you more,” Lemire said. “As someone who’s covered closely every campaign that Trump has had, this is his campaign. This is the grievance. And I think to this point, at least with his base, [it’s been] extremely effective, that argument of: ‘They’re coming after me. Next, they’ll come after you.’”

You can watch the full discussion from “Morning Joe” in the video above.