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‘Morning Joe': Trump’s Nuclear Button Tweet Suggests President Is ‘Demented and Deranged’

Scarborough & co. are none too pleased by the president’s North Korea gamesmanship

The set of “Morning Joe” was none too pleased by President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter barbs thrown at North Korea over the size of the countries’ respective “nuclear buttons.”

On Wednesday’s show, the MSNBC regulars competed with each over who could be more outraged by the president’s latest tweets. John Heilemann had the strongest response, suggesting that the whole affair made Trump look crazy.

“He is not merely being cavalier with a threat about nuclear war. He’s being cavalier in a way that makes him seem demented and deranged,” said Heilemann. “Anybody who treated this cavalierly would be roundly condemned by all serious people if both parties.”

But as with so many things Trump, Heilemann marveled at how the rules just never seemed to apply.

“It’s still a connection to normalcy here for all of our lifetimes, any president of any party who treated threats of nuclear war in any way in a cavalier way, we have not seen that really from Republicans or Democrats.”

After nearly a year in office, it’s tough for Trump’s Twitter rants to make headlines. The president, however, outdid himself on Tuesday. The North Korea saber-rattling came in response to Kim Jong Un’s assertion in his annual New Year’s address that he had a “nuclear button” on his desk.

In addition to taunting North Korea, Trump also announced he would unveil a “The Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year,” and urged his followers to tune in that night to watch his friend and staunch ally, Sean Hannity, on Fox News.