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‘Morning Joe’ Criticizes Trump for Filling Cabinet With Mostly ‘White Guys’ (Video)

The White House may only have four women on the cabinet, and panelists on the MSNBC talk show aren’t having it

If you’ve been bugged by those pictures of Donald Trump signing executive orders in an Oval Office filled with just white men, “Morning Joe” shares your frustration.

On Monday morning, panelists on the MSNBC talk show criticized Trump for not filling his cabinet and inner circle with enough women and minorities. So far, only two women have been confirmed and are officially part of Trump’s cabinet: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon is awaiting confirmation to head the Small Business Administration, while Betsy DeVos is at risk of being blocked by the Senate after two Republicans pledged to vote ‘No’ at her confirmation vote.

The rest of the cabinet contains 27 men. Elise Jordan, a former Rand Paul staffer and “Morning Joe” regular, is not pleased.

“I’m tired of hearing how Trump is so great about promoting women and then you have very few women at the top of his White House and across the board in government,” Jordan said. “How is he staffing his government?”

Women’s rights activist Tina Brown agreed: “When you look at the photographs of Trump’s cabinet, I mean it looks sort of like 1975. All those white guys! It really is, except for a handful of women.”

Jordan and Brown’s frustration may be shared by some politicians overseas. Last week, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin posted a picture of her signing a new law pledging to reduce Sweden’s carbon emissions to zero by 2045. In the picture, she was shown signing the law while flanked by seven women in a manner very similar to Trump’s all-male executive order signings.

Watch the “Morning Joe” panel discuss the new White House cabinet in the clip above.