‘Morning Joe’: Trump’s Team Not on the ‘A-Team of the Sane’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough and the show’s in-house historian Jon Meacham discuss whether the president’s advisers are crazy

The set of “Morning Joe” reprised their usual roles Tuesday throwing stones from the bleachers at President Donald Trump — this time suggesting that the people around him might be crazy.

“The people he finds to serve him, and therefore us, are people like the new national security advisor and people who are not — how do we put it — on the A-team of the sane,” said the show’s in-house historian Jon Meacham.

His discussion with show co-host Joe Scarborough broadly focused on the unique difficulty Trump has had finding lawyer’s to represent him. Several high profile attorneys have declined to offer their services to the president after the departure of John Dowd from his legal team.

Scarborough said the issue was a question of honesty — historically a tough one for Trump.

“One thing Jon Meacham a lawyer can’t put up with is being lied to when it’s you and your client in the board room and you’re sitting there talking and you’re going through the facts, you have to — you just sit down with your client and you say you’ve got to tell me everything and whatever you tell me doesn’t leave this room but I can’t prepare for your case unless you tell me the truth about everything,” said Scarborough.

“And yet here’s Donald Trump knowing that any lawyer he gets, he believes he’s smarter than that lawyer, he’s going to lie to him and there’s no way he can mount any defense for Donald Trump.”

Speculation about the president’s mental health has been a consistent feature of “Morning Joe” programming for months. Last week co-host Mika Brzezinski said the president’s poor spelling in tweets was evidence he was “unhinged” and Scarborough has often suggested Trump may be suffering from dementia.

The president was given a clean bill of health — both physically and mentally — by his physician Dr. Ronny Jackson in January.