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‘Morning Joe’ Warns: We Are Witnessing ‘Beginnings of the Destruction of a Democracy’

Joe Scarborough says the U.S. is starting to sound like Turkey

The set of “Morning Joe” was despondent on Wednesday over a growing attack against the FBI by President Trump and Fox News. Co-host Mika Brzezinski bluntly warned that we might we witnessing the end of American democracy.

“My question is, when is it okay to say that what we are witnessing before our eyes are the rudimentary beginnings of the destruction of a democracy?” she said. “When should we be worried that this is happening? I say now.”

She said it was not enough for people to “look at this president as a bumbling idiot who tweets and says stupid things and is inappropriate, misogynistic, racist and embarrassing” — something the show does on a near-daily basis.

Show co-host Joe Scarborough didn’t offer much in the way of resistance and accused Fox News of helping turn the United States into Turkey.

“You should be worried,” he said. “When you have Fox News, declaring war, in their words, on the FBI and the Justice Department, the deep state there.”

“That is out of Erdoğan playbook that he used in Turkey to undermine that democracy and go after political rivals in his government,” he added.

Scarborough appears to have been responding to Fox Business anchor Lou Dobb’s assertion on last night’s show that it might be time to “declare war” on the “deep state.” Some conservatives say the FBI — and deputy director Andrew McCabe — are part of an anti-Trump cabal in the bureau.

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