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‘Mortal Kombat’ Is Suspiciously Similar to Bruce Lee Classic ‘Enter the Dragon’ (Video)

This YouTube creator is correct — they’re the exact same movie

“Mortal Kombat” and Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” are eerily similar in almost every way.

YouTube user J. Matthew Turner mashed the two martial arts movies up side-by-side to prove his theory that they’re basically the “same movie.”

“It’s the story of a Shaolin Monk who is coerced into competing in a multi-annual tournament held on an island reachable by a boat that leaves from a pier in Hong Kong,” the explanation begins. “His younger sibling having been killed by a conspirator of this tournament, the monk has a personal vendetta against this individual.”

“En route to the tourney, the monk meets a rich, caucasian playboy with too much luggage, and takes some of his money,” it continues. “He also meets a non-Asian, non-white-male fighter.”

Those comparisons are only the beginning — there are way more worth hearing out. Soon, the two films become comically uniform: Not only is big, bad Goro in “Mortal Kombat” pretty much big, bad Bolo in “Enter the Dragon,” the final death scenes are practically identical.

Watch the mashup above.