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A Most Awesome Idea for a TV Show

Warning: Click on this site and the rest of your day could be shot

MostAwesomestThingEver.com may just be the most awesomest website since YouTube came along. And if somebody out there in H’wood is smart, they’ll be turning it into a TV property, pronto.

MoJoe stumbled upon MATE thanks to a tweet from EW.com, and we’ve thought of little else since. (Well, except perhaps when "Chuck" is going to be renewed, how many days left until "Big Brother" returns and why nobody is working on a "Yes, Dear" movie).

MATE is simple yet endlessly addictive, and yes, we’re already hooked. Basically, it presents two random things from the universe — Pampers, July 17, My Little Pony, armpit hair — and lets the WWW-orld decide which item is cooler. There are random audio effects and graphics from the 1980s, plus a running tally of what users currently rank as Most Awesome overall (the Internet is currently just ahead of a nap).

From the brilliant and very well-groomed minds at Big Spaceship (whose own website is like porn for anybody who appreciates cool, creative advertising), the site takes contributions from users but requires they submit links to images from Wikipedia. That way, according to Web strategist Brad Cohen, BS avoids any copyright infringement worries (and essentially lets the Internet constantly contribute fresh content to MATE, much like the YouTube).

MoJoe really has no desire to play TV producer, but it’s pretty easy (we think) to see how MATE could, at the very least, be a very cool TV special. And maybe a series on Spike or G4.

If a broadcast network were feeling ambitious, it might even do a live special in which awesome things battled for America’s love — and the winner was selected by viewers at home. Instead of stock photos, the TV show could bring in the real things: cute kittens, Ke$ha, Betty White.

Of course, for all we know, MostAwesomestThingEver.com could already be a giant teaser for a new TV show. Or, given the fact that Big Spaceship is an ad agency, it could all be a set-up for a viral campaign promoting the return of Crystal Pepsi (which, sorry to say, was not awesome. At all.)

We’ve e-mailed Big Spaceship to see what’s up, and we’ll update you if they respond. Meanwhile, try not to waste too much of your time on MATE today.