Move Over Donald Trump: Ben Carson Now GOP Frontrunner … on Facebook

Retired neurosurgeon shows he’s got what it takes when it comes to that “like” button


Another sign the 2016 presidential race might be saying arrivederci to the so-called “Summer of Trump,” the billionaire real estate developer is is no longer the most-liked presidential candidate … at least not on Facebook.

Ben Carson, whose poll numbers have soared in recent weeks, is the social media network’s new champion. The retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate now boasts more than 4 million fans on Facebook, a cool 100,000 more than Trump.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the reason Carson is now the Facebook frontrunner is his campaign’s degree of engagement.

Carson’s campaign manager has been posting 70-second videos on a daily basis. Also, Carson himself is taking the time to respond to questions from supporters every night.

But, before Carson pops open that champagne bottle, he should take a look at The Donald’s Twitter account, where the GOP frontrunner has a whopping 4.33 million followers compared to Carson’s 688,000.

We wanted to know how Trump would react to Carson’s Facebook lead, so we went to the Donald Trump Insult Generator:

“Irrelevant clown Facebook sweats and shakes nervously as they talk ‘bull’ about me. Has zero cred.”