MoveOn.Org Calls News Corp. a ‘Crime Syndicate’

The liberal advocacy group and political action committee releases ad calling for voters to complain to Congress

The News Corp. phone hacking scandal is catching more fire stateside: As the Justice Department reportedly prepares subpoenas, a video from compares News Corp. to a crime syndicate.

The ad from the liberal public advocacy group, which is also a political action committee, urges voters to petition Congress for deeper inquiries into News Corp.

The text:

"Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, allegedly…. tapping the phones of murder victims? Bribing government officials? And now, allegedly tapping the phones of 9/11 victims and their families? Rupert Murdoch controls and influences a huge amount of all American media but is he running a company… or a crime syndicate? Enough is enough. Call Congress and demand a full investigation into Rupert Murdoch's News Corp."

News Corp. has said it has seen no evidence of 9/11 victim's phones being hacked.

The video (thanks to Politico):