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Moviepilot Launches Social Media Marketing Agency for Studios

Moviepilot will work with movie studios to engage fans across social platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Moviepilot, a website for following and talking about upcoming movies, has launched a social media agency to help film and television studios market projects using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Moveipilot.com has already run campaigns for major studios such as Fox and Disney, and the company is looking to expand upon its existing work with this new marketing unit.  It will use its own audience insight tool, named “Q,” and data garnered from the fan communities on its website and its 15 themed Facebook pages to supply studios with vital information on potential moviegoers.

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“The data we get back from early audiences is so powerful, so compelling that you can use that as the basis for a social campaign," CEO Tobi Bauckhage told TheWrap.

Bauckhage said the response from some of the company's initial work overseas and its meetings with studios prompted the company's expansion.

"People in the market are saying they'd love to have someone not just there for social media, but someone that helps them find meaning in all this data," Bauckhage said. "It's one thing to have data, it' another to make meaning of it."

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With the massive adoption of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, movie studios have had to turn to those platforms to help promote their movies, whether having cast members tweet or launching targeted digital advertising campaigns. 

Moviepilot was founded to capitalize on the emergence of social media, providing early information for a brand or a movie’s true fans, and creating a community for them to engage with one another from a project's inception to its release.

“We founded Moviepilot to pair great fans with great movies and along the way help studios and independents to better understand their audiences,” Bauckhage said in a statement. “Our knowledge of movie and TV fan behavior and big data patterns, together with our experience of running social campaigns across various channels, complete a unique offering for the industry that meets an increasing demand.”

Launched in October of 2011, it now has offices in Los Angeles, London and Berlin.

Amy Elkins, a former MGM executive, is spearheading the expansion of the company's Los Angeles office in her role as EVP of Strategy and Advertising.