Tenacious D’s Hilarious Unofficial Sequel to ‘Teen Wolf’ (Video)

John C. McGinley, Rachel Bilson and Ed Begley Jr. star alongside Jack Black and Kyle Gass in "Adult Wolf"

When Michael J. Fox didn't return for "Teen Wolf Too," the world was left wondering what happened to Beavers basketball MVP Scott Howard.

Now we know. Jack Black showed up on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Thursday night and introduced a short unofficial sequel that caught up with the former hairy teen-ager.

"Adult Wolf" stars Black as Howard, who can no longer transform back into human form, has gained a lot of weight, is broke and lives in a trailer with his dad, played by Tenacious D bandmate Kyle Gass.

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Both wolves decide to take matters into their own hands and morph back into humans by waxing all of the hair off of their bodies. But that costs a lot of money — $9,000 to be exact.

So what's a werewolf to do when he needs some quick cash pay for a full-body wax?

What a werewolf does best: hoops.

Here's what happens when the world's least-threatening beast returns to the court for the first time since 1985: