‘Mozart In the Jungle’: Every Classical Music Piece In Season 3 (Videos)

From Mozart to Messiaen, Amazon’s hit series has called on a wide range of composers for its soundtrack

mozart in the jungle venice

“Mozart In the Jungle” loves to engage in high-brow humor, taking the world of orchestra life and showing what people involved in it might be like when they’re not throwing around words like “coda” and “rondo.” But at the same time, it is not a show that lightly flings around its music. The classical pieces it has selected for its soundtrack this year show just how knowledgeable it is about the history of the medium. Here’s every song you can find in Rodrigo’s journey to Venice and the Symphony’s adjustment to a new status quo.

“Sinfonia Veneziana” by Antonio Salieri

Where To Find It: The opening scene of the season as Rodrigo arrives in Venice on a water bike.

“Les Filles De Cadix” by Leo Debiles

Where To Find It: A recording of this piece is playing in Alessandra’s apartment when she first meets Rodrigo.

“Elegie” by Gabriel Faure

Where To Find It: Andrew Walsh’s ensemble rehearses this piece in Episode 1

“The Magic Flute” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Where To Find It: At the end of episode 1, as Rodrigo, Alessandra and Hailey head home in a water taxi.

“Night On Bald Mountain” by Modest Mussorgsky

Where To Find It: Opening of Episode 2, during the Symphony protest.

“Die Junge Nonge” by Franz Schubert

Where To Find It: Throughout the first half of the season. This is the piece Alessandra and Rodrigo pick for La Fiamma’s comeback show.

“Dido and Aeneas” by Henry Purcell

Where To Find It: A portion of this opera plays in the costume workshop while Alessandra introduces Hailey to her team.

“Symphony No. 5” by Jean Sibelius

Where To Find It: This symphony plays over Rodrigo’s lesson on conducting with Hailey.

“Mon Coeur s’ouvre a ta voix” by Charles Camille Saint-Saens

Where To Find It: Alessandra performs this in Venice while Rodrigo has flashbacks of Maestro Rivera.

“Bianca E Falliero” by Gioachino Rossini

Where To Find It: Plays after Alessandra cusses out Rodrigo at the end of Episode 5

“Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring” by Johann Sebastien Bach

Where To Find It: A street performer plays this on banjo in front of a spaced out Rodrigo in Episode 6.

“French Suite No. 5” by J.S. Bach

Where To Find It: Thomas plays this on the piano during the negotiations to end the lockout.

“Abyss At The End Of Time” by Olivier Messiaen

Where To Find It: This clarinet piece from Messiaen’s “Quartet For The End Of Time” plays during the intro of “Not Yet Titled.”

“Turangalila Symphony” by Messiaen

Where To Find It: Performed for the Rikers’ Island audience in “Not Yet Titled”

“Goldberg Variations” by J.S. Bach

Where To Find It: Rodrigo imagines Bach playing this for him in Thomas’ apartment in episode 8.

“Serenade No. 9” by W.A. Mozart

Where To Find It: The chamber orchestra plays this at Gloria’s dinner for the donors.

“Slavonic Dance No. 4” by Antonin Dvorak

Where To Find It: Plays at the start of episode 9 when Rodrigo makes an apology desert for Gloria.

“A Lenda Do Caboclo” by Heitor Villa-Lobos

Where To Find It: Soundtrack while Hailey and Rodrigo think about their night together.

“Werke für Oboe und Orchester” by W.A. Mozart

Where To Find It: This oboe concerto is played, fittingly, after Hailey gets a special visit in the final scene of the season.