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Vudu’s ‘Mr Mom’ Trailer: ‘The Kids Are Still Alive,’ So That’s Good (Video)

Hayes MacArthur is no Michael Keaton, but again, the children are breathing

Last Updated: August 26, 2019 @ 6:40 AM

Walmart and “Mr. Mom” is a can’t-miss combination … right? The big box store’s streaming service, Vudu, debuted the trailer for its series adaptation of the 1983 Michael Keaton movie on Monday.

This one stars Hayes MacArthur in the title role as wife Andrea Anders heads back into the workforce, the Teri Garr gig from the comedy directed by Stan Dragoti. Though times have certainly changed, the domestic gender role-reversal goes about as well as it did decades ago.

Below is Vudu’s description of its small-screen version.

Based on the classic eighties hit film written by John Hughes and starring Michael Keaton, this series is a modern retelling of Mr. Mom. Megan (Andrea Anders) and Greg (Hayes MacArthur) are at a parenting crossroads. After five years raising their two kids at home, Megan has unexpectedly landed her dream job. Greg’s career is anything but a dream job, so after several failed attempts at securing childcare, he abruptly quits in order to take his turn as the stay-at-home parent. He’s thrust headlong into a world of tantrums, diapers and cheese sticks, all while finally attempting to get his start-up off the ground. Megan quickly finds out just how much has changed as she reenters a workplace filled with overeager millennials and strange new terms like Slack and hot-desking. It’ll take all the patience these two parents can muster as they try to raise their kids, make ends meet, and find a little time for their marriage.

So how does the great 2019 experiment go? Well, “the kids are still alive,” Greg says at one point in the trailer — so that’s good.

Watch the trailer above.

“Mr. Mom” premieres Sept. 12 on Vudu, Walmart’s digital video service. Vudu tallies more than 10,000 free titles and 150,000 to rent or buy. “Mr. Mom” will be in the “free” category.