‘Ms. Marvel’: Red Dagger Star Aramis Knight Teases His Possible MCU Future (Video)

Knight tells TheWrap he wouldn’t be surprised to see Kareem head over to the states

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for episode 5 of “Ms. Marvel” on Disney+

Last week’s “Ms. Marvel” saw the end of one Red Dagger, and this week, we said goodbye to another. Of course, this goodbye may be far less permanent. Series star Aramis Knight is pretty hopeful that we’ll see Kareem working with Kamala again in the future.

After a bit of time travel, Kamala finds herself back in Karachi, facing off against the Clandestines alongside Kareem. The heroes manage to save the day, but lest we forget, Kareem lost his mentor in the massive chase leading up to the confrontation. Now, he has to inform the rest of the Red Daggers.

In saying his goodbyes to Kamala, Kareem promised that he’ll always be there for Kamala — even if there are a few outstanding warrants for his arrest back in the states. Then, he bequeathed his signature red scarf onto her, and ran off into the distance. In typical MCU fashion, it leaves the door for Kareem’s return pretty open. And really, it would make sense to Knight for Kamala to continue working with him.

“I definitely think that I am a close ally of Kamala, and I think that she is gonna hold onto their relationship because I’m really kind of a mentor in a way to her, even though we’re very similarly aged,” Knight explained to TheWrap. “There’s a sarcastic banter between the two of us. I think I apply to her life a lot in the way that, you know, I know more about her powers than she does. So I think she’s got a lot to learn from me, and for that reason, yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kareem take the flight.”

Of course, as fans of the “Ms. Marvel” comics — including Knight himself — know, Kareem was originally written as an exchange student in the U.S. In the comics, Kareem and Kamala also had a bit of a Daredevil and Elektra vibe going, serving as both teammates, sometimes adversaries, and even romantic partners.

When it comes to that potential aspect of their relationship though, Knight is staying mum.

“Whether that turns into something more, I can’t say, nor do I really know,” he said. “But I will say that we become a bit trauma-bonded from everything that [happened] in episode four, for sure.”

You can watch TheWrap’s full interview with Aramis Knight of “Ms. Marvel” in the video above.